Standard tours

An UltraViolet Tour is an artistic act. A harmonious share of information and emotions, of data and insight. We are welcoming you as a friend and show you how life unfolds in our Romania. At the end of a tour, you will feel that you are part of the streets that you wonder because you will by then understood their vibration, discovered some stories, and know where they are coming from.

You will have very personal experience with a predesigned trip. The only difference than the private ones is that you will be sharing the trip with other travellers.

The tours are always adapted to the situation and they go with the flow. Each of us at UltraViolet has the liberty to improvise. We might change the schedule on the go. But don’t worry, there’s no dictatorship, the guide will let you know about the options and make explained suggestions and you will agree together

We keep the group size at a minimum so the guide will be able to give the best treatment to each of the guests. We will split the group when we consider it is better, before the tour starts, taking into account the participants’ interests and adapting accordingly.

The group will never clash, nor will get bigger than 7, unless if it is a group already formed (a group of friends, a family, etc.) Because of the very specific way of designing our trips, you will meet people with the same interests as yours and thus have the opportunity to make new friends.


Bucharest Essentials Tour

4h walking tour

from 20€

10 AM - 2 PM



Ploiesti Essentials Tour

3h walking tour

from 15€

10 AM - 1 PM