Ploiesti Essentials Tour

From: 15,00

  • 3 hours
  • starting at 10 AM
  • walking tour ( ~ 4,5 km)
Adults Students Children
Monday to Friday 15€ 10€ free
Saturday & Sunday 20€ 15€ 5€

The story of Ploiesti is intertwined with crude oil, which raised the city just to put it to the ground, literary, during the second world war.

In this tour, you will discover Romania through a very authentic industrial city, that comes with a forgotten romantic shade, build up in the XIX and XX, and a rough, gray appearance, made during the Communism regime.

You will find out a brief history of Romania, so you can make a general idea, and all the interesting stories that lays behind the walls of the buildings of Ploiesti. Information about aspects of the current state and lifestyle will be provided to you, as well as recommendations for further exploring the surroundings.


English, Romanian