Bucharest Essentials Tour

From: 20,00

  • 4 hours
  • starting at 10 AM
  • walking tour ( ~ 5 km)
Adults Students Children
Monday to Friday 20€ 15€ free
Saturday & Sunday 25€ 20€ 5€

Bucharest Essentials will provide you with an overall view of Romania and Bucharest. You´ll step in the world of the country of contrasts and experience it on a personal level.

Enjoy the well-structured information –  a brief historical timeline with detailed insertions of meaningful events and breath-taking stories that will make you understand why this Latin place is also very Slavic, what made us special and how we live today. For an authentic experience, the guide will let you know if what you hear is either proven information, a general opinion, or a personal one; and will encourage you to engage in conversations.

During the tour discover all the main attractions of Bucharest and receive recommendations about how can you continue exploring.


English, Romanian