What is a place without its stories, secrets, and flavors?

UltraViolet trips and experiences are made to uncover for you the most interesting and memorable aspects of the place you wish to discover

 is a travel service company, specialized in tours and trips in Romania, exclusive private trips and concierge services.

UltraViolet purpose is to complete the spectrum of services that fulfills the needs of independent travelers that are now booking online accommodation, transport, and activities.  We are playing the digital game, but the services themselves are about human interaction and real-time experiences that feed the soul and mind.

We are focusing on facilitating a connection between you and the place you are visiting. We truly believe that vacation or travel should not only mean taking a break from your normal schedule but also taking a break from the over digitalized way of living and reconnect with what makes us humans.

A new place has the power to awake your instincts and we will be in charge to pull all the triggers for that, so, at the end of your journey, you will feel inspired, you will have the revelations that you need and build up memories that will continue to define your perception about the world. Through our travel services, we build experiences.