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In the light of developments of the COVID-19 pandemic, UltraViolet assures you that the health and safety of our customers, employees and community is our highest priority.

Considering the gradual improvements, we are aware your travel plans will be resumed. Therefore, we are opening our tours and trips, following the Government’s regulations, so that you will have beautiful activities to do while being in Romania.

Being committed to maintain the quality of our travel services during this hard period we are passing, while making sure that all the health standards are met, we adapted our tours and trips:

  • the size of the groups is reduced to maximum 5 people
  • usage of audio guiding system, with single use earphones, so you can be at a safe distance and still hear crystal clear
  • usage of hand sanitizer
  • the guide will use a facemask
  • adjusted itineraries, mainly outdoor and non-crowded indoor locations
  • payments and tickets are exclusively digital
  • full refund – permissive cancelation policy.

Make sure you check the regulations of the countries you are about to visit, as well as your home country regulations for when you will return. For European destinations, we recommend using the European Commission’s platform Re-open EU where you can find updated information about limitations and regulations.
Take care!

UltraViolet is the ultimate experience maker in Bucharest and surroundings. We are a premium travel services company and we create one of a kind tours and trips, with harmonious itinerary, a mix of information and fascinating stories, focused on authentic experiences, that provides inspiration. We are here to satisfy the lust for authenticity of the independent travellers.

How does it work?

You can book a tour by choosing one of our standard tours, or make a request for a private one.

The standard tours are shared, but limited to a small group, during the current period reduced to 5 people. Although their itinerary is previously made, they can be adjusted on the spot by the guide, according to the real-time feedback of the participants. All their details are stated in their descriptive pages and their modification/cancelation policy can be found in the Terms and conditions page
You can choose your preferred date and hour and pay online, on our website. Subsequently, you will receive your invoice and all the details and recommendations for your future tour.

The private tours are highly adjustable and carefully designed to exceed your expectations. You can make a request by filling the private tour’s form and we will contact you, providing you a personalized proposal. After agreeing upon the final details of your private tour, you will receive the Agreement and the online payment link. Subsequently, you will receive your invoice and all the details and recommendations for your future tour.

We recommend you to request a private tour (or to contact us for a prompt response) in any of these situations:

  • If your group exceeds the group size of the standard tours.
  • If you wish to see some particular places or you are interested in some particular subjects.
  • If you like a standard tour, but you want to have it in a modified version.
  • If you can´t find your desired date or time.
  • If you want the tour to be held in a different language than English or Romanian.

For any other additional information, travel assistance, or concierge services, contact us, we are pleased to assist you.